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I start my day- first with a coffee- then it's straight to the Laurel and Hardy Forum! Keep up the good work.
LOIS LAUREL - Daughter of Stan Laurel.
The forum is a great place for friends to enjoy the innocent humour of our beloved boys, Laurel and Hardy
JEAN DARLING - Our Gang star.
Laurel and Hardy were the best. This forum is a great way to honour their memory.
BOBBY BALL - Half of successful British comedy duo Cannon and Ball.
A useful contact and information forum for anyone interested in Laurel and Hardy, handsomely presented.
GLENN MITCHELL - Author of The Laurel and Hardy Encyclopedia.
There's always something doing at the Laurel and Hardy Forum, and it's nice to see that the readers enjoy each other's comments as much as they enjoy Stan and Ollie. It's a great place to visit!
SCOTT MacGILLIVRAY - Author of Laurel and Hardy - From The Forties Forward.
Wow--the Forum is absolutely fantastic. I could easily spend several days going through all the wonders. I hope to contribute something semi-worthwhile.
RANDY SKRETVEDT - Author of Laurel and Hardy, The Magic Behind The Movies.
It's hard to imagine how we managed without the Laurel and Hardy forum. There is an enormous amount of information and a real feeling of fellowship.
WILLIE MCINTYRE - Author of The Laurel and Hardy Digest.
The forum is brilliant and to anyone who is a fan of Laurel and Hardy this place is a must.
LEE MACDONALD - Zammo from BBC TV's Grange Hill.
The comedy of Stan and Ollie is truly timeless.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is highly addictive. The members are such genuine and helpful people.
MIKE QUINN - Producer/British Hollywood Actor.
”The forum is a great place to meet buffs from around the world who can meet up and exchange views and share news.”
ROB LEWIS - Editor of The Laurel and Hardy Magazine.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is swell. No flies or nothing.
BRAM REIJNHOUDT - Editor of New Blotto and Blotto Online.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is a great place to come clean, pack up your troubles and leave em laughing.
MARION GRAVE - The Laurel and Hardy Museum - ULVERSTON.
The Laurel and Hardy forum is a must for all Stan and Ollie fans.
RAY ALAN (and Lord Charles) - Dubbed 'the best ventriloquist in the world'.
Anything to do with Laurel and Hardy is alright with me. Good luck with the forum.
SIR NORMAN WISDOM OBE - Showbiz legend.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is a great way for enthusiasts to get together and learn more about the boys and the Sons of the Desert.
DEL KEMPSTER - Intra-Tent Journal editorial team (UK branch).
This is a great forum and just what we needed. Never let it be said that Laurel and Hardy have been forgotten.
RAY ANDREW - Author of ''On The Trail Of Charlie Hall''.
What a great Laurel and Hardy resource. We're fortunate in this day in age to have such a fine way of communicating our love for Stan and Ollie. Long may the forum live!
ROGER L GORDON - Editor of the Intra Tent Journal (USA branch).
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BBC making Laurel and Hardy biopic


The BBC has ordered a biopic of Laurel and Hardy produced by the BBC’s comedy arm and Harvey Weinstein’s US indie. The broadcaster has commissioned Stan and Ollie from BBC’s in-house comedy division, in association with The Weinstein Company and Lookout Point. Stan and Ollie is a 90-minute one-off biopic that will be written by Mrs Biggs screenwriter Jeff Pope. It will tell the story of the duo’s 1953 UK tour, which followed a split from their mentor, studio politics and a run of poorly received films. After the tour and following an acrimonious divorce and alimony battles, Hardy became ill, suffered a heart attack and eventually died, while Laurel never performed again. Stan and Ollie was ordered by Shane Allen, controller of comedy commissioning and former BBC1 controller Danny Cohen. It will be produced by BBC’s Saurabh Kakkar, Lookout Point’s Simon Vaughan and Harvey Weinstein. It will be distributed internationally by BBC Worldwide. “Stan and Ollie is Jeff’s love letter to two pioneers and enduring giants of screen comedy. It beautifully captures the deep emotional bond forged over a lifelong partnership as they reflect on their rollercoaster careers through the prism of this final UK farewell tour. An epic story about the world’s most famous comedy double-act to date told with great insight and heart,” said Allen.


Forum created by Ross Owen, Neil Evans & Steve Foster on 25th January 2005.

The Laurel and Hardy Forum is the world's biggest online database of news, informative discussions, rarities and interactive topics dedicated to two of the most influencial comedy icons in cinematic history!



With the help of our loyal members and highly dedicated team of staff, our aim is to bring Laurel and Hardy fans throughout the world together, in an effort to keep the memory and the works of Laurel and Hardy alive and to give Stan and Ollie fans what they want out of a Laurel and Hardy forum. We strive to present you with all the latest Laurel and Hardy news and gossip from around the globe as it happens. The atmosphere of the forum is very friendly and very much in the spirit of 'the boys'. Don't let Laurel and Hardy be forgotten. Register today and show your support. Mingle with members of the International Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society, the Sons Of The Desert.

We are primarily an English speaking forum, however, we now have Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian speaking areas. The foreign language areas will continue to expand as the forum grows.

If you have any comments, suggestions or would like your own private 'tent' area on the forum, contact a member of our staff via the forum private messaging system, alternatively you can simply post on the forum.

Registration is FREE! Don't forget to pop into the ''SALOON BAR'' and introduce yourself once you join!


*The Laurel and Hardy Forum is self funded and is a ''non profit-making'' organisation.

*Contributions to this forum may appear in ''hard copy'' publications circulated worldwide.

*This is a family friendly forum and is moderated by our staff around the clock for our members security.

*Comments posted by forum members do not reflect the opinion of the Laurel and Hardy Forum or it's staff.

*Offensive comments and accounts created for the sole purpose of ''spamming'' will be deleted without notice.


Tweets by @Stan_And_Ollie




The 36th Annual UK Convention will be hosted by the Brats tent in Sheffield in May 2015

Details here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sons-of-the-Desert-36th-UK-Convention-2015/337563873058714


Laurel and Hardy on Stage

Review by Randy Skretvedt

" 'Laurel & Hardy On Stage!' gives us the next best thing to a newly discovered movie by the team -- it contains a never-before-available audio recording of "The Driver's License Sketch," which has been all but forgotten even though Stan and Babe performed it around 1,100 times. In addition, the book brings that sketch back to vibrant life through rare, previously unavailable photographs and a reproduction of Stan Laurel's personal script. Added to that are some amazing articles from Danish newspapers (translated for those of us who only speak English), which show us how Laurel and Hardy were even more beloved overseas than in the United States. The photographs -- including several of L&H; on tour during World War II -- are beautifully reproduced, and the quality of all the audio, which also includes a rare 1944 radio show and a 1957 interview with Stan, is consistently first rate. This book and CD combination is a rare treasure for all Laurel and Hardy fans."

Randy Skretvedt

Get your copy here http://www.laurelandhardyonstage.com



Andreas Baum has been in touch with the following information about his new Hal Roach documentary.

Andreas writes...


Andreas Baum writes... Dear Laurel & Hardy Fans,

We like to inform you that our new international documentary about the legendary Comedy Producer Hal Roach and his big stars like Harold Lloyd, “Our Gang” or Laurel and Hardy and his competitors like Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton is now available on DVD.
The title of the Special Limited Collector’s Edition with the longer Director´s Cut and a lot of rare and previously unreleased Bonus Material in a 2 DVD Box with five exclusive Collector’s Postcards (see the attached Cover of the DVD Box) is:


The International Documentary about the “King of Comedy” Hal Roach and “Hollywood´s Fun Factory”

Pre-orders are possible now! (Will be shipped in the middle of November) Order your 2 DVD Box now!
All pre-orders will come with a freebie!

Order exclusively via internet here (pre-orders are possible until the 15th of November 2014):


The 2 DVD-Box comes with 5 rare Collector’s Postcards and the DVDs are region free (in PAL, will run worldwide, which means also in NTSC-countries like the USA on all computers and almost all newer DVD players). The box contains one DVD with the Director´s Cut of the documentary in a length of round about 115 minutes (instead of the 90minutes tv-version for ZDF/ARTE) in English and German language (switchable) with more exclusive interviews and rare film clips, etc. as well as another DVD in English and German language with really a lot of rare and previously unreleased bonus material (round about 90 minutes).

This DVD contains - for example - unpublished private film footage, rare and/or never before published movie clips and short movies produced by Hal Roach, film footage and photographs from the Hal Roach studios, lots of photographs from the stars of Hal Roach, a lot of them animated in 3 D, unrealised interview-clips with Hal Roach, Harold Lloyd and our experts like Richard. W. Bann, Annette D`Agostino Lloyd, Stan Taffel, Richard Correll or Hal Roach family members like his daughters Maria and Jeanne or Harold Lloyds granddaughter Suzanne Lloyd etc.!

Learn more about the international documentary:

For many the American movie producer and director Hal Roach is the “King of Comedy”. His legendary studios are also called the “The Lot of Fun”: Hollywood’s “Fun Factory”! The film pioneer produced from 1914 up to the early sixties about 2.000 movies - almost exclusively comedies! Probably no other filmmaker gave the world more to laugh about than he did: with his comedy stars like Laurel & Hardy, Harold Lloyd or "Our Gang".

Besides the incredible live and work of Hal Roach the international documentary is focused on his stars and competitors like Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. The film is presenting a lot of funny movie clips and interviews, a look behind the scenes, amazing facts about the comedy stars and their private lives and amongst others never before published private footage, previously unreleased movie clips and photographs.

The documentary features as well a lot of amusing and interesting interviews with Hal Roach himself and family members, Roach´s stars like Harold Lloyd or Jean Darling from “Our Gang”, Stan Laurel´s daughter, Harold Lloyd´s granddaughter, film historians, comedy experts and comedians like Walter Matthau.

Director Andreas Baum, who also produced the documentary “Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic”, tells the amazing story of the live and career of the legendary comedy pioneer Hal Roach, of the roots of comedy and of the big slapstick stars.

Order your 2 DVD Box now and get your freebie!

Here is the first official trailer for the DVD (in the German language) [/i]



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