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Got a Spare $45,000?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2005 8:31 pm    Post subject: Got a Spare $45,000? Reply with quote

Found this on another site:

Laurel (Stan) and Oliver Hardy; H.M. Walker
LAUREL AND HARDY: 40 SCRIPTS. The S Series #1-21 (lacking #13, 15, 16, 20) = silent films, all, + the L Series #1-23 (lacking #6) + "Babes in Toyland."

The copies of L.A. French, Production Manager, and of other members of the company, and in particular, H.M. Walker, the title writer on many. Oliver Norvell Hardy (b. 1892 in Georgia) appeared in 422 films as an actor; he directed 12 films and is known to have helped write 2. Arthur Stanley Jefferson ("Stan Laurel") (b. 1890 in England) appeared in 203 films; wrote 33; directed 10; produced 5. "In constructing their films Laurel & Hardy used a very simple modus operandi, depending far more on situation than plot. Like chiildren with a set of building blocks, they'd take a single idea, and on its base build mathematically, sometimes allowing themselves to shoot off on a tangent, but never swerving from a predetermined destination .. a great deal of credit for pungent subtitles and basic story ideas goes to one of the most valuable members of their team, H.M. Walker." - William K. Everson, THE FILMS OF LAUREL AND HARDY (1967). The scenarios here range from "The Second Hundred Years" (1927), the "first official" L&H short [though "The Rent Collector" was made in 1921] to "Thicker than Water" (1935), their final short. Present are more than half of the approximately 75 short films L & H made between 1927 and 1935. They collaborated in 135 films, but not all were shorts. All mimeos stapled onto gray backing sheet. Titles added in pencil neatly, top right above printing date. Each leaf printed on recto only. Typically, a treatment is present; dialogue texts, and then a full rendering. With credits, description, footage; framing, color indication (Cf #L-3.). Legal size or conventional 8 x 11". S SERIES: Original carbon typescripts. These are scenarios used to create the films. Riveted into colored backing sheets. SUGAR DADDIES. 1927. S-1. 2pp. THE SECOND HUNDRED YEARS. STORY FOR S-2. June 10, 1927. 4pp. Their first official short film as a team (i.e., the first one released to the public). "Originally advertised as the first 'official' Laurel & Hardy film (although still part of the Hal Roach 'All-Star' films - designed to feature old stars of the Roach 'stable' on the downgrade, and showcase those whom Roach hoped would be future stars - in which Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy had been appearing since the previous year; the first film in the 'Laurel & Hardy' series would be SHOULD MARRIED MEN GO HOME?, released in 192 ." HATS OFF. 1927. S-3. 4pp. PUTTING PANTS [released as PUTTING PANTS ON PHILLIPS]. S-4. On Philco [radio hour] 1927. 6pp. BATTLE OF THE CENTURY. S-5. [boxing film, Culver City Fight Arena]. October 11, 1927. 4 pp. With shooting schedule & daily production sheet. (feet shot notation); days on picture (7 different pages). Walker's copy. He and Hal Roach received screen credit. LEAVE THEM ['EM] LAUGHING. 1928. S-6. 5pp. THE FINISHING TOUCH. December 17, 1927. S-7. 7pp. With Daily Production Sheets (2). There was a 1916 film, not Laurel or Hardy, using the same title. Walker is the writer credited. ALL STAR THEDA BARA. S-8. 20pp. "The woman on a secret mission" = Theda Bara. No film released with comparable title. S-9 (untitled). 17pp. One line voided; one line added in pencil; marginal x's. THEIR PURPLE MOMENT. February 2, 1928. S-10. 5pp + production sheet. H.M. Walker's copy. Walker was the only writer receiving screen credit. SHOULD MARRIED MEN GO HOME? 1928. S-11. 7pp + production sheet. H.M. Walker's copy. S-12. May 1928. S-12. 5pp + daily schedules, 2pp. 7 day schedule on a note sheet. The script is annotated & corrected. Doane's copy. HOME FROM THE HONEYMOON .. ALL STAR. S-14. 24pp. S-17. Untitled. 20pp. The better part of one paragraph is voided by pencil. SLIPPING WIVES. S-18. "4th Roach.." 15pp. LOVE 'EM AND WOOF [WEEP]. 1927. S-19. 11pp. WITH LOVE AND HISSES. S-21. 12pp. H.M. Walker's copy. Only Walker received screen credit for writing. L SERIES, MIMEO: COME CLEAN. May 6, 1931. L-1. 24 + 6 leaves. ONE GOOD TURN. June 3, 1931. L-2. Three parts. 6 + 7 + 18 leaves. Description plus Walker Dialogue + treatment.BEAU HUNKS [BEAU CHUMPS in the UK]. July 10, 1931. L-3. Two parts. 11 + 8 leaves (the second an exact rendering of the by-play of the two. With 4pp of pencil notes [for this script?] e.g. "Publisher Andrien for foreign rights"+ "OK is for World Use on Standard Term" + "2 full orchestrations" etc. MS title on one part. ANY OLD PORT. Sept 11, 1931. L-4. Three parts, including "Tatooed", 6 leaves (1st leaf voided); 6 leaves (treatment & dialogue); 22 leaves (Description, Number of feet; frames & color designation = black & white). Jordan's copy of "Tatooed"; French's copy of the balance. HELPMATES. L-5. "Mr. French" in pencil. Two parts. 12 + 28 leaves. 1931. THE CHIMP (Monkey Doodle). 1932. L-7. Hal Roach Comedy. Two parts. 17 + 10 leaves. The second part is an original treatment. "Mr. French" in pencil. COUNTRY HOSPITAL (FORTY WINKS). 1932. L-8. Two parts. 18 + 6 leaves. SCRAM. [1932]. L-9. 7 leaves. Hal Roach's copy! THEIR FIRST MISTAKE. [1932]. L-10. 9 leaves. TOWED IN A HOLE. [1932]. L-11 (typed L-12 but corrected by pencil to L-11). 5 leaves. Participant's name at top in pencil, hard to decipher. TWICE TWO. [1933]. L-12. 7 leaves. Ginsberg's copy. ME AND MY PAL. [1933]. L-13. 7 leaves. MIDNIGHT PATROL. 1933. L-14. Two parts. 9 leaves (treatment) = Bert Jordan's copy (June) + 17 leaves (description) = French's copy. BUSY BODIES. [1933]. L-14 (altered to L15 by pencil). 5 leaves. This is a treatment or scenario. WITH: original typescript 6pp, annotated: "L15 Busy Bodies [voided] starts as Busy Bodies but they go to stadium & can't get out of lot." [with] BUSY BODIES. 1933. L-15. Two parts. 4 leaves (treatment) + 14 leaves. French's copies. DIRTY WORK. 1933. L-16. Two parts. 6 + 16 leaves. One leaf creased. OLIVER THE EIGHTH. Feb 2, 1934. L-17. 3 reels. Original mimeo, 20 leaves. GOING BYE BYE. June 13, 1934. L-18. "French" in pencil. 2 reeler. 18 leaves. THEM THAR HILLS. July 7, 1934. L-19. 6 + 14 leaves. With sticker: "This Script No. 1 is the property of Hal Roach Studios. When picture is completed it positively must be returned to the Production Dept. L.A. French, Production Manager." Six leaves. Undated. With a register sheet itemizing where 27 copies of this script ARE: French had two file cc, #s6& 7. Roach had #3. Stan had #22; Hardy had #24. Others lingered with the script clerk, Wardrobe; Drapery Dept; Sound Dept; Story Dept & named participants. I've never seen such a specfic itemization, bespeaking control. With another sheet, carbon TS: location & props. THE LIVE GHOST. Feb 7, 1934. L-20. 7 + 17 leaves. "NOTICE: THIS SCRIPT No. 4 IS THE PROPERTY OF HAL ROACH STUDIOS. WHEN PICTURE IS COMPLETED IT POSITIVELY MUST BE RETURNED TO THE PRODUCTION DEPT. L.A. FRENCH, Production Manager." Together with sheet indicating location of 27 scripts. Roach had #12. Stan #16; Hardy # 20. TIT FOR TAT. Jan 14, 1935. L-21. Two parts. 13 + 5 leaves (treatment). Script #11 (of 27) with location of scripts sheet. Stan had #6, Hardy had #26. This is one of French's 2 cc. THE FIXER UPPER [UPPERS]. Feb. 22, 1935. L-22. Two parts. 16 + 25 leaves. Script #12. THICKER THAN WATER. [1935]. L-23. 17 leaves. "Mr. Horne's" copy. Script #6. Production copy, with one brief scene cut (pencil indication). [with] BABES IN TOYLAND. July 28, 1934. Final Script (copy #13). Legal size, 77 leaves. Old stains, worn; three pin-holes, one pin remaining. Collation: Cover, with Roach Production Dept Label = Script #13 to be returned to French; characters leaf. Sequence A: 39 leaves; Sequence B: 22 leaves; Sequence C: 15 leaves. This was the property man Bob Sanders'copy. Script #13. Annotated modestly in red pencil and scenes cancelled by pencil; a working production copy. The fullest example of a Laurel and Hardy script we have ever seen. Clearly, this script had not been completed at the time shooting started, but nothing is missing from this early version; new sequences were yet to be written and written. Clear evidence of the write as you go frenetic pace set

Price: US$ 45000.00

Bookseller: Serendipity Books, 1201 University Ave, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A., 94702

"Life isn't short enough!"
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 10:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

No. Sadly not, uh-uh.


Just the same old apple-cheeked boy.
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