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I start my day- first with a coffee- then it's straight to the Laurel and Hardy Forum! Keep up the good work.
LOIS LAUREL - Daughter of Stan Laurel.
The forum is a great place for friends to enjoy the innocent humour of our beloved boys, Laurel and Hardy
JEAN DARLING - Our Gang star.
Laurel and Hardy were the best. This forum is a great way to honour their memory.
BOBBY BALL - Half of successful British comedy duo Cannon and Ball.
A useful contact and information forum for anyone interested in Laurel and Hardy, handsomely presented.
GLENN MITCHELL - Author of The Laurel and Hardy Encyclopedia.
There's always something doing at the Laurel and Hardy Forum, and it's nice to see that the readers enjoy each other's comments as much as they enjoy Stan and Ollie. It's a great place to visit!
SCOTT MacGILLIVRAY - Author of Laurel and Hardy - From The Forties Forward.
Wow--the Forum is absolutely fantastic. I could easily spend several days going through all the wonders. I hope to contribute something semi-worthwhile.
RANDY SKRETVEDT - Author of Laurel and Hardy, The Magic Behind The Movies.
It's hard to imagine how we managed without the Laurel and Hardy forum. There is an enormous amount of information and a real feeling of fellowship.
WILLIE MCINTYRE - Author of The Laurel and Hardy Digest.
The forum is brilliant and to anyone who is a fan of Laurel and Hardy this place is a must.
LEE MACDONALD - Zammo from BBC TV's Grange Hill.
The comedy of Stan and Ollie is truly timeless.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is highly addictive. The members are such genuine and helpful people.
MIKE QUINN - Producer/British Hollywood Actor.
”The forum is a great place to meet buffs from around the world who can meet up and exchange views and share news.”
ROB LEWIS - Editor of The Laurel and Hardy Magazine.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is swell. No flies or nothing.
BRAM REIJNHOUDT - Editor of New Blotto and Blotto Online.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is a great place to come clean, pack up your troubles and leave em laughing.
MARION GRAVE - The Laurel and Hardy Museum - ULVERSTON.
The Laurel and Hardy forum is a must for all Stan and Ollie fans.
RAY ALAN (and Lord Charles) - Dubbed 'the best ventriloquist in the world'.
Anything to do with Laurel and Hardy is alright with me. Good luck with the forum.
SIR NORMAN WISDOM OBE - Showbiz legend.
The Laurel and Hardy Forum is a great way for enthusiasts to get together and learn more about the boys and the Sons of the Desert.
DEL KEMPSTER - Intra-Tent Journal editorial team (UK branch).
This is a great forum and just what we needed. Never let it be said that Laurel and Hardy have been forgotten.
RAY ANDREW - Author of ''On The Trail Of Charlie Hall''.
What a great Laurel and Hardy resource. We're fortunate in this day in age to have such a fine way of communicating our love for Stan and Ollie. Long may the forum live!
ROGER L GORDON - Editor of the Intra Tent Journal (USA branch).
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Forum created by Ross Owen, Neil Evans & Steve Foster on 25th January 2005.

The Laurel and Hardy Forum is the world's biggest online database of news, informative discussions, rarities and interactive topics dedicated to two of the most influencial comedy icons in cinematic history!



With the help of our loyal members and highly dedicated team of staff, our aim is to bring Laurel and Hardy fans throughout the world together, in an effort to keep the memory and the works of Laurel and Hardy alive and to give Stan and Ollie fans what they want out of a Laurel and Hardy forum. We strive to present you with all the latest Laurel and Hardy news and gossip from around the globe as it happens. The atmosphere of the forum is very friendly and very much in the spirit of 'the boys'. Don't let Laurel and Hardy be forgotten. Register today and show your support. Mingle with members of the International Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society, the Sons Of The Desert.

Registration is FREE! Don't forget to pop into the ''SALOON BAR'' and introduce yourself once you join!

*The Laurel and Hardy Forum is self funded and is a ''non profit-making'' organisation.

*Contributions to this forum may appear in ''hard copy'' publications circulated worldwide.

*This is a family friendly forum and is moderated by our staff around the clock for our members security.

*Comments posted by forum members do not reflect the opinion of the Laurel and Hardy Forum or it's staff.

*Offensive comments and accounts created for the sole purpose of ''spamming'' will be deleted without notice.



Steve Coogan will play Stan Laurel and John C Reilly will play Oliver Hardy.
Screenplay by Jeff Pope (Philomena, Cradle To Grave, Cilla).
Directed by Jon S Baird (Cass, Filth, Babylon).

Stan & Ollie

A gripping story of the world renowned comedy duo Laurel & Hardy as they embark on their final UK tour in 1953

London, UK, 18 January 2016: Faye Ward’s Fable Pictures, Jeff Pope’s Sonesta Films and BBC Films are delighted to announce Stan & Ollie – an original film based on one of the worlds most loved comedy duos and geniuses of their time - Laurel & Hardy. Inspired by actual events, Stan & Ollie, is an emotional tribute to two of the funniest men in movie history.

Penned by award winning screenwriter Jeff Pope (Philomena, Mrs Biggs) and directed by Jon S. Baird (Vinyl, Filth), Stan & Ollie stars stellar lead actors Steve Coogan (Philomena, Alan Partridge) as Stan Laurel and John C. Reilly (Chicago, We Need to Talk About Kevin) as Oliver Hardy. Developed by BBC Films, Stan and Ollie celebrates the duo’s unique friendship and legendary working partnership. The rights to the work of Laurel and Hardy has been licensed by Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation.

Jeff Pope, screenwriter says: “Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are my heroes. When I watch their movies, in my head it is forever a Saturday morning and I am six years old watching the TV at home utterly spellbound.
I am aware of the huge responsibility of bringing their characters to life, but I have not treated the boys with kid gloves or looked at them through rose coloured specs. They are living and breathing characters, with flaws and shortcomings. The research into this story threw up so many details and facts that I had no idea about. But everything I have done has come from a place of love and more than anything else I hope this shines through.”

Christine Langan, Head of BBC Films adds: “John C Reilly and Steve Coogan are dream casting for ‘Stan & Ollie’, bringing to life with uncanny accuracy and irresistible gusto the genius creative marriage that Jeff Pope's script explores so lovingly. WithFaye Ward producing and Jon Baird at the helm, BBC Films is extremely excited to crank up production ofthis gem in 2016.”
Laurel & Hardy, the world's favourite comedy double act, set out on a variety hall tour of Britain in 1953. Diminished by age and with their golden era as the kings of Hollywood comedy now behind them, they face an uncertain future. As they set out, crisscrossing the country, attendances are disappointingly low. But they've always been able to make each other laugh and as the charm and beauty of their performances shines through their audiences laugh too, and they re-connect with legions of adoring fans, old and new.

The tour becomes a hit, but Laurel & Hardy can't quite shake the spectre of Stan and Ollie’s past; and long buried ghosts, coupled with Oliver's failing health, start to threaten their precious partnership. A portrait of the most tender and poignant of creative marriages begins to unfold as the duo, aware that they may be approaching their swan song, try to rediscover just how much they mean to each other.

Director Jon S. Baird says: "Like so many others I grew up watching Laurel & Hardy and I'm therefore honoured to help bring this incredible true story of love, laughter and friendship to the big screen.”

Faye Ward (Suffragette, Dancing on the Edge), Fable Pictures adds: “I feel privileged to have been entrusted to bring to screen the magnificent lives and work of comedy legends, Laurel and Hardy. It is incredibly exciting to be working with such a fantastic and collaborative team. Steve and John are a dream partnership and with Jon directing Jeff’s moving and affectionate screenplay, I know this will be a film to treasure for fans both old and new.”

A Fable Pictures and Sonesta Films production, developed with BBC Films. Written by Jeff Pope, Directed by Jon S. Baird and Produced by Faye Ward. It is Executive Produced by Christine Langan and Nichola Martin for BBC Films, Jeff Pope for Sonesta Films and Gabrielle Tana.



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